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To order an estimate for printing your thesis, use this link.

You may also upload your thesis file for printing at the end of the order process or send it separately to us through this link.


So you finally finished your thesis, well maybe not quite, now you need to have it bound for your advisor, family, friends and even for yourself. We can help.

We will bind your thesis in hard cover in your choice of 15 colors of grade F buckram material and put the title on the spine and/or on the front cover along with your name and year. Foil stamping can be done in gold, black, white or silver. And we will bind as few as one or as many as you want or need. Our pricing is based on a sliding scale so the more copies you bind the less each copy will cost.

We can accommodate maps, diskettes, CDs, fold out pages, glued on photographs and all at reasonable prices.

If you want to get a little more fancy we can also bind your book in imitation leather or even natural leather to make it really special.

We can meet specifications in color and style from any university or the most discerning individual. Available colors include:

Why not give us a call and see how we can help you really get finished with your thesis or dissertation.


1 book
2 books
3-10 books
11-25 books
26-50 books

Price includes books up to 12 inches in height and up to 2 inches thick. Up to 12 lines of horizontal printing on spine, to include title, volume, year and months if needed. Gold, black or white lettering is available. 12 lines can include wide gold bands (computer generated dec lines--hand set dec lines $5.00 each).
Call for quantity price if
more than 50 books.

Thesis guidelines: cost includes 55 letters and spaces to include title plus author’s last name. If title is longer and if thesis is 1/2 inch thick or more, additional lines can be printed at $2.00 per line per book.

Extra charges

Imitation leather, includes 7 lines spine, handset type $15.00 per book
Extra lines of printing (horizontal) 3.00 per line
Excess thickness-over 2 inches (limit 3 inches) 5.00 1/2 inch
Map pockets 6.00 and up
Front cover stamping (computer stamp) 5.00 per line
Decorative lines 4.50 per line
Front cover stamping ludlow, hand set type (contact us for multiple cover stamping) 10.50 per line
In-house printing (Thesis, etc.) black and white0.12per side
In-house printing (Thesis, etc.) color0.50per side

Special handling charges will be priced by individual needs.


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