Can you judge a book by its cover? What you don’t know can cost you money!

At Denver Bookbinding Company we know that your school money does not grow on a tree planted in the school yard. We can help you stretch those dollars further in the book budget by rebinding those textbooks that the information does not change over time.

The average cost for buying a textbook is $125.00 in a publishers binding, whether that is a paper based hard cover or even a paperback style.

The average cost for rebinding for educational organizations is $15.00 each. (We also rebind text books for individuals, but that is a separate process. See this page for details.) Quite a SAVINGS for a much better product.

We know that our binding lasts for multiple school years based upon our customer feedback because we bind in a library canvas. The cover is a solid color, but it is strong enough to withstand the usage of a normal student over the course of the school year. To see a palette of colors available, please click here.

Do not be fooled by a lower cost binding because what you may be purchasing is a paper based material that looks like library canvas but wears poorly over the short term and then you are spending your school dollars twice because the binding has failed. We use heavy weight book board to make the cover even stronger.

Please use the Bindery Checklist (below) when sending in your textbooks so you get back what you send in for rebinding.

To get a no cost, no obligation estimate for your Textbook Binding needs, just click here or call Denver Bookbinding at 800-727-4752 today or email us to discover the cost savings in rebinding.

Bindery Checklist / Denver Bookbinding Company

  • Boxes need to be clearly marked with school name.
  • A letter of instruction in each box to include:
    • School name, address and phone
    • Contact persons’ name
    • Contact persons’ address and daytime phone number
    • When the school reopens and when classes start.
    • How many boxes to be expected.
    • If a purchase order number is needed, please include a copy in all boxes.
    • Street address for UPS delivery.
  • If bindery tickets are used for individual library books, please type and remit two copies. Blank binding ticket forms are available from the bindery at no costs.
  • Textbooks of the same title will be bound in the same basic color. We attempt to bind in a buckram close to the original cover.
  • Please contact us for questions regarding preparation of your binding order.

Thank you for choosing a family-owned business!


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