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In today’s world, with the advancement of computers and printers, one of the major benefits is that you can produce your own book, whether it is a family history, poetry book, or a school yearbook.

Denver Bookbinding Company can provide the hard cover binding from the printed and collated pages that you provide. We can use all types of materials for the covers from canvas-based bookbinding cloth to printed laminated covers.

Pricing is based upon quantity. Pricing starts at one book up to 1,000 books. Pricing for over 50 books is done on an individual basis and is contingent upon what you want as an end product.

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Short run checklist

Page Set Up

  • Margins: The minimums are 1/2 inch in inner margin and 1/4 inch on top/bottom/front. The bindery makes a final trim of 1/8 inch ont he top, bottom and front edges.
  • Recommended page margins are 1 1/4 inch in inner margin and 1 1/8 inch top/bottom/front.
  • Do you want acid-free paper?
  • Is the grain of the page running parallel to the bind edge?
  • If the grain is running side to side (short grain) books must be sewn (upcharged service).
  • If the grain is running top to bottom (long grain) gluing may be an option (saves money).
  • If you print double-sided, 60 pound weight paper is a recommended weight. If it is lighter, the ink will show through from the other side.
  • Endpapers must be 80 or 100 pound cougar opaque.
  • Have you communicated well with your book printer and book binder?
    What type of material do you want to use? 
  • Library Buckram
    Canvas-based material with a shiny finish. Available in 20 colors.
  • Imitation Leather
    Cotton-based material with a two-tone color or grained pattern. Limited availability.
  • Linen
    Cotton-based material with a matte finish. Limited availability.
  • Natural Leather


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