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Our commitment to quality and customer service is firmly rooted in our past. The company was established in the summer of 1929, repairing old books and binding new ones.

In 1946, the business was purchased by Axel Erslund and his wife, Sylvia. Axel was a Danish immigrant who achieved the rank of Master Bookbinder in Denmark and apprenticed in the King’s Court in Copenhagen. After working in various binderies in the Eastern U.S., he made the decision to move his skills and family to Denver.

Starting out in a converted house on Welton Street, the close knit family performed all the bindery operations by hand. The pages were sewn together on a loom, which Axel had brought from Denmark. The backs of the books were sanded off by hand using an oversized carpenter’s file and typesetting of the titles was done one letter at a time using 23 carat gold foil.

Denver Public Library was inherited as their first customer. As their reputation for quality spread so did the business. In 1948 they hired their first employee to help with the increased workload, which now included the Colorado School of Mines and Colorado State University as regular customers. In 1952 the company passed the rigorous inspection of The International Library Binding Institute and has been a member in good standing ever since.

IllustrationThe company facilities were expanded twice but eventually outgrew the house on Welton Street. A new facility was built on 17th street in Denver in 1964 and was home to the home of Denver Bookbinding Company until September, 2013, when they moved to their current location at 1401 W. 47th Ave.

Since Axel’s death in 1972, his daughter, Rita Lundquist, and his granddaughter, Gail Lindley, have maintained the work ethics of quality and craftsmanship that were established early on. Today the company is still family owned and proud to be one of Colorado’s largest female owned and operated businesses. Keeping with tradition, in 1992, Gail’s daughter Erica joined the firm in a full time capacity.

The heritage of old world craftsmanship is still practiced, but with modern enhancements. The arts of hand binding and leatherworking are now aided by the best computer systems and the highest precision machinery available. The marriage of traditional arts and high technology ensure consistent quality products.

Whether repairing a family heirloom Bible or a first run edition, our products receive the individual attention and workmanship our customers deserve and have come to expect. As Denver Bookbinding Company continues to grow, it does so with the proud heritage, work ethic and skill that has made it a success.


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